Being an unprecedented and memorable academic year, the key visual of HKU Architecture Degree Show 2020 stems from an abstract illustration of the calendar marking this academic year from Fall 2019 to Summer 2020.

The “markings” on the calendar grid illustrate the major event of the past year, one marking the impactful events of social movements in Hong Kong from 2019, the other iteration with confirmed daily covid-19 case numbers, together creating a set of ciphered patterns. Black and white are used throughout to maintain neutrality, whereas the accent orange highlights the inescapable tension throughout the year. The typeface selected reflects a similar fashion to newspaper headline that ties to the theme this year.

Following the duo-event nature of Degree Show and Public Review as part of the school's tradition, there are two versions of the poster designed to be showcased side by side. An additional poster was made subsequently for a satellite show with an updated key visual tracking ongoing situation of the pandemic.​​​​​​​

Courtesy: Yongki Sunarta for on-site photography

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