HKU Architecture Degree Show 2021 exhibition has been taken place in University of Hong Kong Knowles Building Architectural Studios from early June to early July, 2021. Happening in the era with shifting paradigms and uncertainties in the city, the key visual for the series of events, including Final Review, Public Review and Degree Show, carries the theme “In the making”. 

Commonly applied in architectural studies and presentations, the visual presence of modeling foam blocks serves as an idiosyncrasy of the graduation showcase of architecture students. The rough texture, vibrant colors and unpolished look perfectly reflect the creativity, authenticity and honesty shown in the final works of the graduates. The shapes of the foam blocks seen on the visual are related to the topics studied and discussed in their final works, including robotic architecture, collective housing in Hong Kong, the influence of social circumstances to architecture in Hong Kong etc., these blocks are virtually stretched, twisted and stacked in various ways to generate relatable yet surreal imageries to give a quirky but exciting vision to the unknown future awaiting.

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