I Empowerful(時裝型聚力)is a series of events co-organized by the New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (NLPRA), Hong Chi Association and Institute of Textiles and Clothing, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, aimed at helping persons in recovery to rebuild their self-confidence through creation of expressive textile arts, in collaboration with university students as a socially inclusive and cohesive co-learning process.
The key visual for the events is an abstract interpretation of the blossoming that best represents the vitality and positive energy generated from textile arts creation journey. The conglomeration of various visual elements with striking hues and contrast epitomizes the “empowerment” spirit.
A set of customized typeface with reverse-contrast letterform features further strengthens the theme of “empowerment” with its strong presence and visual effect. Together with the key visual, the event identity creates a provoking yet harmonious impression throughout consistent applications in collaterals including fold leaflet, poster, opening ceremony invitation card and exhibition environmental graphics. 
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