Artwork for Typojanchi 2021 
Exhibition at Culture Station Seoul 284, Seoul, September – October 2021

“Destiny” 命運 is always considered as an ideology out of mystery, the concept of a series of events and developments leading to an unpredictable outcome out of one person's control. On the contrary, “Fate” 宿命 is unpredictable yet predetermined. It is a labyrinth with delicate structures and meticulous settings that are intended to confuse and disrupt, but the one involve in this journey with countless joy and grief, is obligated to meet the finish line and then, all the complications and chaos returns to nothing, the one who finishes the labyrinth continues with another unknown journey, in another labyrinth, in another unknown dimension.

Photo: Sooin Jang, courtesy of Korea Craft and Design Foundation​​​​​​​

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