Visual identity for exhibition "On The Road — Young Media Artists in China 2018" is a collaboration with COLLECTIVE Studio Hong Kong.
"On the Road" is an exhibition featuring more than 30 artworks by young media artists in China creating a stimulating overview of the media art scene across the country today, and demonstrating young Chinese artists' manipulations, explorations and re-definitions of 'media' in this era.
As a response to the exhibition theme, the key visual stems from a meandering route constructing the seemingly confusing and complex labyrinth, alongside with abstract representation of tangible objects and intangible stimulations, capturing the artists' spirit of explorations and echoing the exhibition title "On The Road". The linework is simultaneously an abstract expression of Chinese characters of the exhibition title 在路上. 
The primary color "Dawn Blue", applied across the entire package of promotional material, depict young artists' forwardness on their road of new media art creation.
The key visual is flexible in reshaping and appeared to be stretched into various proportions and formats, creating a cohesive yet customized experience in digital and printed matters.
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