Pinnacle is a high performance gym brand with facilities in Hong Kong and Manila, differentiating itself from other gyms with its highly qualified coaches, science-based and result-driven training programs. The brand is currently expanding into several other synergistic areas: meal delivery through Pinnacle Eat, sports therapy and corporate consulting.

A refresh of the brand system came along with Pinnacle's expansion, celebrated with a refined brand mark with the form of the circumflex, the signature of the original logo. The unbalanced status of the form denotes a motion, dynamism and forwardness. The logo subtly hints on an abstract representation of letter P and A. The change better defines the brand’s uniqueness to stand out from other gyms with stereotyped aesthetics.

The brand system is further expanded on with the use of bold, expanded display typefaces and a new set of vibrant and energetic brand colors throughout various promotional platforms, in addition, a new set of merchandises for participants to carry the Pinnacle spirit on.
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