The theme of HKU Architecture Public Lecture Series Fall 2019 is "The City and Its Public Space". Through dialogues, forums and presentations by invited architects, artists and scholars, the series aims to examine the urgent issues of urban public space through both local and global lenses.
The event identity metaphorically reflects an immediate response to the social movements happening in Summer and Autumn 2019 Hong Kong. Inspired by the "Lennon Wall" emerged in many public spaces in Hong Kong — a community initiative of communication and engagement — the identity takes on the dimension and accent colors of the sticky notes, the major component of "Hong Kong Lennon Wall" as core structure and graphic elements, applied throughout the series of posters and materials on social media platforms.
Incorporated with images and maps of different cities and urban textures representing the speakers' profiles, the identity in general helps develop a broader perspective on the global issues of the City and public space.

Client —

Department of Architecture, 
The University of Hong Kong

Typeface in use —

Neue Machina 
by Pangram Pangram Foundry


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