Public Lecture Series Spring 2020 was an event series organized by HKU Department of Architecture. Planned as a sequel of Fall 2019 series, the visual identity is rooted from the once distinctive now gone urban landscape — the smeared protest graffiti along the streets of Hong Kong, half a year since the social movements have started in this city. 

After the "cleaning" some of the protest messages became obscure but some became more prevalent to the public, as the "brushstrokes" unintentionally highlighted the messages and created an unprecedented "art form". The ambiguity marks the midpoint of the progress when something was yet to be erased, and something new is yet to come.

9 sets of Chinese words were created as the key visuals in this smearing gesture, also in animation, hinting on the essence of the lectures. Unfortunately due to the coronavirus outbreak in Hong Kong starting from February 2020, followed by the global pandemic since March 2020, the entire public lecture series was cancelled and transformed into a series of online forums. Most of the visuals were not published eventually.

Architecture 建築

Investigation 調查

Unbuilt 未建

Sprawl 蔓延

Holes 孔洞

Limitations 限制

Whole 整體

Time 時間

Constructions 構築
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