atelier avocado is invited to create key visual and poster for The Art of CUHK 2022, which features the annual exhibition and graduate exhibition hosted in various locations in the campus of Chinese University of Hong Kong. 

In respond to the theme of 2022 “Sahara, que sera sera”, a sentimental expression of the uncertainty, the uncontrollable and the powerlessness about the departure and the future awaiting, patches of gradients are coped with repeated and displaced Chinese title typesetting, as well as animated to fade away in the moving poster version. The visual captures the every night and dawn we all want to cherish but eventually vanished in actual matter and in our memories. 22 patches represents the exhibition duration, and also the countless weeks and days in our lives, changes as the only constant.

Client —
The Art of CUHK 2022 Committee

Typeface in use —
New Kansas by Newlyn Foundry
Ku Mincho by Kowloon Type

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