HKUST Arts Festival 2023 科大藝術節
CANleidoscope 2.0 粵學蔚趣貳
WMA Home
2022 Hong Kong Aeropress Championship
Poster Collection 2022 | The Party by Ostbahnhof
Information Day 2022 | HKU Faculty of Architecture
Public Lecture Series Fall 2022 | HKU Architecture
WMA Island
Taipei City Melodies
Hong Kong City Rhythm
P.H.I.T Pretty Hot Iconic & Thique
#WYWT What You Wear Tomorrow
HKU Architecture Degree Show 2022
The Art of CUHK 2022
Public Lecture Series Spring 2022 | HKU Architecture
36 Days of Type 2022
Tiger Remedy | Lunar New Year 2022
Poster Collection 2021 | HKU Architecture
88 Double Happiness
FANGBANG | The Party by Ostbahnhof
PolyU Fashion Show 2021
2021 Hong Kong Aeropress Championship
Labyrinth of Fate — Typojanchi 2021
LIT | The Party of Ostbahnhof
Editorial Illustration for The Atlantic and KPMG
HKU Architecture Degree Show 2021
Empafashion Design: Community Network Weaver 同理設計時裝
36 Days of Type 2021
Sun Lok Café 新樂冰室
春牛圖 Spring Ox 2021
Poster Collection 2020 | HKU Architecture
Editorial Illustration for Design Anthology Issue 27
Public Lecture Series Fall 2020 | HKU Architecture
Degree Show 2020 | HKU Architecture
Mapping Cultural Heritage
Public Lecture Series Spring 2020 | HKU Architecture
Brutalist Hong Kong 2
Say Cheese! Happy Year of the Rat
Poster Collection 2019 | HKU Architecture
Review 2019 / Prospectus 2020 | HKU Architecture
Public Lecture Series Fall 2019 | HKU Architecture
Robotea | Branding Concept
Tanks Cafe Mooncake Packaging
Brutalist Hong Kong 1
I Empowerful
Degree Show 2019 | HKU Architecture
Repairing Heritage Buildings in Hong Kong
Our Neighbourhoods
Happy Year of The Pig
I'mPerfection → I'mPerfashion
On The Road — Young Media Artists in China 2018
Fashion Designer Quotes
The Urban Oasis
Clear Optics
Junichi Arai's Anthology Exhibition
PolyU Graduation Show Finalist Exhibition
Institute of Textiles and Clothing | Identity
ITC Graduation Exhibition 2017
ITC 60th Anniversary
PolyU Fashion Show 2017
Macau and The Casino Complex
Bobby's Rabble
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