2024 Hong Kong AeroPress Championship
The Good Life
Infinite Frames 無限格
Thieves 賊
Simplicity to Complexity
Dance Up Hi 舞動天空之城
Year of The Dragon 甲辰龍年
Dragon Horse with Snowflake Hair 龍馬花雪毛
Information Day 2023 | HKU Architecture
Review 2023 / Prospectus 2024 | HKU Architecture
WearABLE 共裳
Beixuenanbing 北雪南冰
2023 Hong Kong Aeropress Championship
PolyU Fashion Show 2023
Fashion for Diversity 2023
HKU Architecture Degree Show 2023
HKU Architecture Public Lecture Series Spring 2023
HKUST Arts Festival 2023
CANleidoscope 2.0
WMA Home
2022 Hong Kong Aeropress Championship
The Party by Ostbahnhof Poster Collection 2022
HKU Info Day 2022
HKU Architecture Public Lecture Series Fall 2022
WMA Island
Taipei City Melodies
Hong Kong City Rhythm
Pretty Hot Iconic & Thique
What You Wear Tomorrow
HKU Architecture Degree Show 2022
The Art of CUHK 2022
HKU Architecture Public Lecture Series Spring 2022
36 Days of Type 2022
Tiger Remedy
HKU Architecture Poster Collection 2021
FuFu Records: 88 Double Happiness
PolyU Fashion Show 2021
2021 Hong Kong Aeropress Championship
Typojanchi 2021: Labyrinth of Fate
Editorial Illustration for The Atlantic and KPMG
HKU Architecture Degree Show 2021
Empafashion Design: Community Network Weaver
36 Days of Type 2021
Sun Lok Cafe
Spring Ox
HKU Architecture Poster Collection 2020
Editorial Illustration for Design Anthology Issue 27
HKU Architecture Public Lecture Series Fall 2020
Slash Coffee & Bar
HKU Architecture Degree Show 2020
Mapping Cultural Heritage
HKU Architecture Public Lecture Series Spring 2020
Brutalist Hong Kong #2
Say Cheese!
HKU Architecture Poster Collection 2019
HKU Architecture Review 2019 / Prospectus 2020
HKU Architecture Public Lecture Series Fall 2019
Tanks Cafe Mooncake Packaging
Brutalist Hong Kong #1
I Empowerful
HKU Architecture Degree Show 2019
Repairing Heritage Buildings in Hong Kong
Our Neighbourhoods
Happy Year of The Pig
I'mPerfection → I'mPerfashion
On The Road — Young Media Artists in China 2018
Fashion Designer Quotes
The Urban Oasis
Clear Optics
PolyU Graduation Show Finalist Exhibition
ITC Rebranding
ITC 60th Anniversary
PolyU Fashion Show 2017
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